Development Kits

Our RFID demonstration kits provide everything you need to demonstrate the basic capabilities of RFID.
A typical ACTIVE kit contains a standard reader, a field generator, a motion detector, 9 card tags, Programming Station and Tracker software applications (demo version), 1 API software library & example application, 3 user's guide and 1 API library user's manual, but we will happily tailor the kit to suit your requirement.
Our UHF RFID Kit provides a fully functioning advanced data capture system for quick deployment of pilots and small- to medium-sized data capture applications. This kit enables you to deploy a complete RFID system to demonstrate and quantify the benefits of RFID in your specific environment.
Designed for quick and easy implementation, a typical UHF RFID kit includes an advanced, multi-protocol RFID reader, antennas, tags and:

  • 100 UHF RFID read-only tag inlays
  • Reader network components:
    • UHF RFID reader
    • Choice of high-performance area antennas or dual directional panel antenna array
    • Cables
    • Power supply
  • System software and documentation available online

The UHF RFID Kit delivers real-time visibility through unique identification of products and physical assets moving into and out of critical read zones. Ideal for small, focused deployments, this RFID kit enables you to effectively and affordably demonstrate integration with your current business processes while laying the groundwork for a cost-effective upgrade path.
As with our active development kit, the UHF kit can be tailored to suit your needs. 
Both development kits are available to purchase, lease or lease-purchase.  For pricing details, please click here

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April 4th 2006
ConnectRFID have been chosen by Flextronics Corporation to supply an active RFID system... (more)

March 20th 2006
ConnectRFID succesfully completed a Proof of Concept for one of the worlds
leading medical device manufacturers... (more)

March 7th - 22nd 2006
ConnectRFID were tasked with supplying an active RFID trial system for the worlds biggest PC manufacturer... (more)

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