Pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, hospitals and clinics, public safety organisations, retailers and consumers all stand to benefit from RFID-enabled applications for:

  • Patient safety
  • Asset tracking
  • Counterfeit protection
  • Supply chain visibility

For manufacturers and hospitals, tagging and tracking high profit margin assets such as medical equipment using low-cost RFID technology makes excellent business sense.

The practical requirements for deploying RFID in healthcare applications are exceptionally broad as there is an abundance of potential tag sizes and form factors, as well as a broad spectrum of read ranges to support. ConnectRFID has the experience and knowledge to be able to match the application to the technology.



April 4th 2006
ConnectRFID have been chosen by Flextronics Corporation to supply an active RFID system... (more)

March 20th 2006
ConnectRFID succesfully completed a Proof of Concept for one of the worlds
leading medical device manufacturers... (more)

March 7th - 22nd 2006
ConnectRFID were tasked with supplying an active RFID trial system for the worlds biggest PC manufacturer... (more)

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RFID offers an unparalleled view of your production run, from component to finished item.  Tagging enables your organisation to monitor the progress of raw materials from the moment they enter your plant, and track and trace finished product from leaving the production line to being dispatched or warehoused.  It permits your warehouse staff to locate and accurately identify goods in an instant, without the line-of-site requirement of a barcode and allows you to store large amounts of identification data on the product without using larger labels.



RFID provides excellent visibility and enhanced security to the handling and transportation of materials, baggage and other cargo. ConnectRFID delivers low-cost, high-value RFID systems for such transportation industry applications as:

  • Freight tracking
  • Baggage handling
  • Airport and freight terminal security

In logistics, RFID is typically a cost-driven proposition given the large number of tags involved. We offer both EPC Class I and Battery Assisted Passive RFID tags and readers to meet a variety of transportation requirements, including tracking over extended ranges and real-time monitoring of cargos for temperature, humidity and tampering during shipment.



From increasing supply chain visibility to reducing labour costs and shrinkage, retail is a tailor-made market for RFID. From a receiving perspective, RFID eliminates labour, letting you quickly scan pallets and avoid opening cases to get down to the item level. Now forward-looking consumer packaged goods suppliers and retailers of all stripes are pinpointing areas where RFID can help drive new and substantial ROI.
These areas include:

  • Increasing sales and customer satisfaction by reducing out-of-stocks through item-level visibility of what's in the backroom and on the shelves
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of timed product promotions through visibility into which stores executed on time and which did not
  • Slashing the reconciliation of miss-ships by promoting more accurate shipping
  • Preventing product counterfeiting, diversions and theft through mass, reliable item-level identification