System Design

Following a successful Proof of Concept, we move on to the System Design phase.  We will design your new system to fit in with your existing processes wherever possible, and offer suggestions to improve productivity should the opportunity arise. 

We strive to minimise the disruption to your organisation during the implementation of the system, so the design stage allows us to fully test and develop the system and begin the training of key personnel. 

This means that during the integration phase, end users can be guided through the adoption of the system by their supervisors. 

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April 4th 2006
ConnectRFID have been chosen by Flextronics Corporation to supply an active RFID system... (more)

March 20th 2006
ConnectRFID succesfully completed a Proof of Concept for one of the worlds
leading medical device manufacturers... (more)

March 7th - 22nd 2006
ConnectRFID were tasked with supplying an active RFID trial system for the worlds biggest PC manufacturer... (more)

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